What is Mercury?

MBA is a group of business professionals who meet weekly over lunch and provide business opportunities and referrals to well screened contacts.

Membership Benefits

By joining MBA one becomes a member of an instant network, and the specialist in his/her area of business

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We are a long term group of business leaders that meet weekly on Mondays for lunch at the Pacific Club to discuss our businesses and network with each other. Mercury was formed in the 1920's!

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If you are a business professional interested in meeting other professionals for a fun networking experience, Mercury can't be beat. We represent industries including Legal, Marketing, Financial, Media, Security, Planning, Insurance, Consultants and many, many others. PLEASE join us as a Guest at an upcoming Monday luncheon at The Pacific Club! New Guests are First Come First Serve! Call PP David Livingston at 542-4945 today!

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To find out more about joining Mercury business Association please contact any of our members under Membership or click here....for an applicaiton.