About Mercury

Mercury Business Association (MBA) provides the opportunity to share business information with an elite group of professionals in the atmosphere of The Pacific Club. MBA is a close-knit group of friends who are willing to answer questions and provide referrals to well screened contacts. By joining MBA one becomes a member of an instant network, and the specialist in his/her area of business. There is no competition among members for each has a protected business field, and each member tries to do business with fellow members.

MBA is not a community service organization, and charitable interests are individual. A member may ask for support for a worthy cause; however the desire to give is left to each member. Even though community service is not the mission, MBA is a platform for speakers to share their ideas and promote charitable interests.

Information is the theme to each MBA meeting. The opening minutes of a meeting are devoted to an open discussion of current events. These range from construction, retailing, to events happening in a member's life. Members also have an uninterrupted time to tell the fellowship of news, and events happening in their respective fields. Thus, members are up to date on changes happening in a diverse arena. Information gathered at a meeting may otherwise take hours for each individual to obtain. Guest speakers from all fields are invited to meetings providing an even further assortment of valuable knowledge. There is no demand for costly initiation fees or on going assessments. Each member pays only the cost of a lunch in a business club environment, making it ideal for start-up businesses and newcomers. Mercury Business Association is a stress free, business relationship that provides the opportunity to receive expert answers to everyday questions, and the most complex questions.